Mission, Vision, Values

I. Mission
To provide an oasis of inspiration and tranquility, while furthering the understanding and appreciation of plants, especially epiphytes.

II. Vision
To touch as many people as possible through our urban waterfront garden that is the world leader in conservation and display of epiphytes. Visitors and volunteers alike experience the Gardens beauty, gaining a better understanding and greater appreciation of the natural world.

III. Core Values.
Advocacy. We champion environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
Integrity. We hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.
Financial Security. We will have the financial resources to maintain and develop the Gardens.
Stewardship. We will protect and nurture the gift of Marie Selby for future generations.
Excellence. We demand excellence in all we do.
IV. What Makes us Unique
Our study and display of epiphytes, together with our beautiful urban setting on Sarasota Bay, distinguish Selby Gardens from all other botanical gardens.

V. Goals that Define our Future Success
Research, Education and Display. Scientific research is integral to the Gardens’ mission. We will promote public understanding of the natural world through programs of education and display.
Create a stimulating visitor experience. We will create stimulating experiences that give our visitors a greater appreciation of the natural world and inspire them to become advocates for it.
Be financially secure and have the resources necessary to reach our goals. Sufficient financial, human, technical and other resources are essential for success. A secure financial future requires a major endowment, a strong donor base, and a growing user base.
Develop a master site plan that will define the Gardens’ physical growth. The Gardens are a living museum that connects people with nature and fosters a deep respect for plants and conservation. A master site plan will guide the development of a dynamic campus.
Be the leading institution for advancing the scientific understanding of epiphytes. Epiphytic plants are ecologically and economically important. Our study of them establishes our unique place among botanical gardens. Our plant science capabilities must continue to grow in order to maintain and strengthen our ability to understand and conserve epiphytes and their natural habitats in a rapidly changing world.
Be a leader in helping people to understand and support the living world through programs of education. The better we understand the living world, the better we are able to preserve it for future generations. We offer substantive, relevant, and exciting programs that ignite curiosity and keep it ablaze.
Practice good stewardship of the natural environment. Conservation is an everyday commitment at the Gardens. Our daily practices set an example for others to follow.