New Genus of Orchid named "Selbyana" in Honor of Selby Gardens


(Sarasota, FL, August 17, 2010):  A genus of orchids newly described for science has been named in honor of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens by botanist Fredy Archila of Guatemala. The new genus bears the name "Selbyana," which is also the name of Selby Gardens’ scientific journal. Published in the journal “Revista Guatemalensis” (Guatemala Journal), the genus Selbyana includes 16 species of plants that grow upon other plants (known as epiphytes) or upon rocks (lithophytes).

The 16 known species occur from Mexico to Costa Rica, with the center of diversity in Guatemala, where 15 of the species can be found. Six of genus Selbyana’s species were previously recognized in the genus Lycaste, and the remaining ten are newly described for science. All of the species have showy yellow or orange flowers, often with a fragrance of cinnamon; they are deciduous and found in seasonally-dry forests.