Botanical Research Update

with Dr. Sally Chambers and Carson Menzel

August 18 2017 · 12:00pm  – 1:00pm


Please join us for a tag-team presentation by Dr. Sally Chambers alongside summer FSU graduate student and Selby summer intern, Carson Menzel.

Dr. Sally Chambers
Filmy ferns near and far: Tales from the field in Hawaii and Appalachia
Filmy ferns, those species belonging to the family Hymenophyllaceae, are characterized by their delicate appearance, having frond tissue that is only a single cell layer thick. Taxa within this family are predominantly distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics. Within tropical montane regions, such as Hawaii, distributions of many of these taxa are related to elevation, generating interesting distribution patterns within the species’ geographic range. Some species also have distributions which extend north to the Appalachian Mountains of eastern North America, where they occupy specialized habitats. Dr. Chambers will discuss the ongoing work of three separate projects relating to the distributions of Hawaiian and Appalachian filmy ferns and the overall phylogenetic affinities of the Hymenophyllaceae.

Carson Menzel
Ms. Menzel is mastering in GIS at Florida State University and interning with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This summer, at Selby Gardens, Ms. Menzel has been working with Plant Records’ Keeper, Dr. Shawn McCourt, to refine our protocol for the inventory of plants on the Gardens’ grounds, and will update us on their efforts. . This involves surveying The Gardens using GPS along with maps of the planting beds to confirm the location of our plantings, adjust as needed, gather data on flowering, and take points for new plantings.


Free with regular admission

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