Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica

January 8 2017 to January 29 2017 · 10:00am  – 4:30pm

Selby Gardens heralds the new year with the return of the ever-popular Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica. These artfully carved and painted balsa wood masks are living testimony of the resilience, passion for life, and collaborative spirit of the Brunca Artist Collective.  The remarkable artists in this exhibit have spent over 30 years perfecting their talent, and their exuberant art speaks for itself.

bernardopainting400pxEach step in the creation of an authentic Boruca Mask requires extraordinary skill.  First, the artist envisions and draws a new design onto the balsa or cedar log.  Then a carver interprets and shapes the flat drawing into a 3-D mask.  Lastly an artist paints it with bold acrylic colors to bring the mask to life.  The 13 years of exhibits at Selby and a growing number of art collectors, have been instrumental in allowing these artists to reach new creative heights.


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This event finished on 29 January 2017