Tropical Fruit Breeding at UF-TREC: Where Vanilla Isn’t Vanilla

with Dr. Alan Chambers

February 22 2017 · 12:30pm  – 1:00pm


Dr. Chambers’ research is focused on genetics and breeding of tropical fruits. He combines multiple disciplines including genomics, molecular biology, and plant breeding to create new cultivars with novel traits. The primary foci of his work are agronomic performance, consumer quality, and the development of tools that enable rapid genetic gains in multiple species.

Dr. Chambers has degrees from Brigham Young University (Genetics and Biotechnology, BS), Cornell (Plant Pathology, MS), and the University of Florida (Horticultural Sciences, PhD).  His PhD work focused on candidate gene discovery for superior strawberry flavor.  He was recruited by PepsiCo Agro Discovery after the completion of his PhD in February 2014, and joined the faculty at the University of Florida in August 2016.

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