1. Bright light – can take direct sun if gradually acclimated.

2. Let dry out between thorough waterings.

3. Fertilize monthly during spring, summer and early fall. Do not fertilize in winter when plant is dormant.

4. Planting medium – 3 parts peat material, 1 part coarse Perlite. For taller, heavier cacti also add 2 parts cactus soil. Some charcoal is also beneficial.


  • Echinocereus pectinatus V. Rubispinus
    "Rainbow Cactus" Purple Flowers
  • Mammillaria hahniana Superba
    "Superb Old Lady" Discovered by Harry Johnson on only one mountain in Mexico
  • Astrophytum asterias
    "Sand Dollar" Rare Yellow Flowers
  • Turpinicarpus schwarzii
    "False Peyote" Very Rare
  • Mammillaria spinosissima
    "Red Headed Irishman" Pink Flowers
  • Lophocereus schottii ‘Monstrous’
    "Montrose Totem Pole" Very Rare
  • Obregonia denegrii
    "Artichoke Cactus" Rare White Flowers
  • Cephalocereus senilis
    "Old Man of Mexico"
  • Rebutia heliosa var. condorensis
    Has Large Bright Red Flowers
  • Lobivia arachnacantha
    Large Gold Flowers