Haworthias and Aloes - Native to South Africa


1. Prefers bright reflected light to direct sun, although some varieties get nice purple color with some sun.
2. Great for window ledge.
3. Let dry out between thorough waterings.
4. Propagate by offset.
5. Soil medium – 3 parts peat type material to 1 part coarse Perlite.
6. Fertilize monthly (I use Peters 20-20-20).

Some Examples of these Species:

  • Haworthia comptoniana
    "Sleeping Taranchula"
  • Haworthia baccata
    "Magnificent Towers"
  • Haworthia truncata
    "clipped Window Leaf"
    One of the most sought after
  • Haworthia tessellata
    "Purple Star Fish"
  • Aloe descoingsii v. haworthiores
    "Lacy Lady"
  • Haworthia browniana
    "Pale Zebra"
  • Haworthia limofolia
    "Fairy Washboard"
  • Haworthia pygmaea
  • Haworthia reinwardtii v. conspicua
  • Haworthia viscosa
  • Haworthia reinwardtii v. zebrina
    "Towering Zebra"
  • Haworthia fasciata 'Superba'
    "Super Zebra"
  • Aloe haworthiodes
    "Lacy Lady"
  • Haworthia reinwardtii v. chalwini
  • Haworthia resendeana Hybrid
  • Haworthia reinwardtii v. kaffirdriftensis
    "Pearly Dots"
  • Astroloba herri
    "Pin Wheel"