Lithops Culture

Gradually place in full sun - protect from rain - in summer mist - but do not water (approximately June-September) 

In September when weather turns cooler, begin to water – once every 2-3 weeks. Fill to brim. They really need no fertilizer – but a 10-32-20 mixture may be used diluted 1 part to 5 parts water. Plants will not begin to blossom. Continue watering until blossoms are fading – then stop watering (approximately December-January).

Plants are cold hardy. After flowering, the leaves will split and new ones from inside will grow. Old leaves will shrivel completely. During this period – NO WATER (approximately January to March).

When new leaves are grown and old leaves completely shriveled, begin to water again. Continue watering from March until June.

If your plant begins to overgrow or is misshapen – stop watering until it begins to shrivel. Then start again slowly.