1. Usually white or yellow flowers.
2. During warm months, let dry out slightly between thorough waterings.
3. Fertilize monthly (Peter’s 20-20-20) and fertilize lightly 2 to 3 times per month for maximum growth.
4. Goes dormant in late Fall; Winter, plant will drop its leaves.
5. In Winter, water only when very dry, discontinue fertilizing – does not like wet feet when dormant.
6. Planting medium – 3 parts peat type material, 1 part coarse Perlite.
7. Likes direct sun – will not flower without direct sun.
8. Will lose leaves when dormant.

Some Examples of this Species:

Pachypodium Lealii var. Saunderii
Druid’s Club"
White flowers with purple fringe in Summer
Caudex forming

Pachypodium Namaquanum
Very rare
Reddish-brown flowers striped yellow inside

Pachypodium Brevicaulebi
Yellow Flowers
Endangered Species
Will lose leaves in winter when dormant

Pachypodium Bispinosum
Caudex forming
Small white and purple flower at less than 1 year