The usual species is tankerviliae. All species of this genus should be treated as terrestrials. Advantageously grown out of doors (in tropical situations only) in rich compost. If kept in pots, these should be especially well-drained, since all Phaius are intolerant of stale conditions at the roots. Potting medium – 1/3 rich loam, 1/3 well rotted manure, and 1/3 shredded Osmunda. These plants are heavy feeders – therefore feed heavily and regularly.

LIGHT: – bright light – with care that the thin foliage does not become sunburned.

TEMPERATURES:should be high at all times, though tankerviliae will withstand temperatures down to 40° F for short periods.

REPOTTING: should take place immediately after flowering. Split clumps of pseudobulbs into small group – to encourage flowering each year. Upon completion of new growths, a resting period of about 3 weeks should take place, for better production of the flower spikes.