Selby Gardens Celebrates “Specimen No. 100,000” added to the Gardens' Herbarium with a Botanical Conservation Exhibition

Selby Gardens is pleased to announce the addition of “Specimen No. 100,000” into one of its most specialized research plant collections, the Herbarium. To honor this milestone, a special exhibition on the botanical and conservation value of the Selby Gardens Herbarium will be on display April 2, through April 15, 2010 in the Museum of Botany and the Arts.

A herbarium is a collection of dried, pressed plant specimens widely utilized by botanists specializing in plant identification and classification. Herbarium specimens retain many of a live plant’ important features and if properly cared for, can last centuries. Collectively, the millions of herbarium specimens gathered in herbaria around the world provide us with important knowledge relating to plant classification, variation, distribution, seasonality, and uses.