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March 2021 EcoQuest: Check Your Boots!

 Cabbage palm boots Golden polypody growing on cabbage palmThe official state tree of Florida since 1970, the cabbage palm, or sabal palm, (Sabal palmetto) is easy to spot in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Sabal palmetto belongs to a class of flowering plants called...

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Botanical Spotlight: Cherries

Written by Shawn McCourt, Ph.D., Plant Records KeeperFigure 1. Blooming flatwoods plum (P. umbellata) draped in Spanish moss on the perimeter of MSBG’s downtown campus (Photo by Sandra Robinson)Figure 2. Chickasaw plum (P. angustifolia) in bloom along Mound Ave. at...

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Botanical Spotlight: Pink Trumpet Tree

Flowers of the pink trumpet tree at Selby Gardens' Downtown Sarasota campus (Photo by Bruce K. Holst)Written by Shawn McCourt, Ph.D., Plant Records Keeper Just beside the path south of the Children’s Rainforest Garden at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ downtown campus...

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Habit Highlight-Parasitism in Plants

Written by Elizabeth Gandy, Curatorial Assistant When we hear the word “parasite,” often the first things that come to mind are very undesirable critters like bed bugs, roundworms, or my personal favorite, bot flies. Actually, plants can also be parasites, with about...

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Archaeological Spotlight: Citrus Packing

Many visitors to Florida each winter ship or take back citrus for their friends and family up North. It would not be surprising if the guests at what was then the Webb Winter Resort on the Historic Spanish Point campus did the same. Evidence implies that packing...

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Botanical Spotlight: Aloe marlothii

Photo by Dave VitoloPhoto by Dave VitoloAloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe) is a beautiful succulent that displays grayish-green leaves all year long. During the winter months, it is in full bloom and at the downtown campus of Selby Gardens, visitors can find this...

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