Beyond the JPEG

March 22 2019 · 1:00pm  – 4:00pm


Do you only shoot JPEG files and wondered why fellow photographers achieve outstanding results shooting in RAW to make a good image great? How do they achieve such great color and detail in the shadow areas or even better contrast in their images? This workshop will look at what a JPEG image really is and how it differs from a RAW file that most DSLR cameras are capable of capturing. We will then discuss some options as to how to process these images and some popular software for both PC and MAC based systems. This is an introductory level workshop to see if taking the next step is right for you. This is a lecture based class where you will be able to ask questions. We will have plenty of examples as well as some before and after images and we will also watch the actual workflow so you can see how simple it is using both simple and advanced software.

Instructor: Perry Johnson
Class Fee: $75 (Members $55)

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