From the Old World: Collecting, Cultivating and Researching the African Violet Family

Botanical Briefing

May 24 2019 · 12:00pm  – 1:00pm


Sadie Barber is a botanical horticulturist from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in Scotland. She has expertise in the field-collecting, growing, tending and displaying Old World gesneriads. Sadie is responsible for one of the world’s most important and extensive cultivated collections of Streptocarpus, the Cape Primrose, and grows several other Old World genera from the family Gesneriaceae. She will share a horticulturist’s perspective of the research undertaken by Edinburgh’s Gesneriaceae scientists and explain the techniques used for propagating and growing the collections. Sadie will also share her adventures in plant hunting, having collected gesneriads from Africa and Asia. Currently, Sadie is participating in the Longwood Fellows Program, an immersive 13-month learning experience to cultivate the next generation of public horticulture leaders.

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