Hydrosols – The Next Aromatherapy

Precious Tools for Wellbeing

May 15 2019 · 10:00am  – 1:30pm


Discover the multilayer use of the distillates of aromatic plants, including the aromatic waters of Rose Damascena, Neroli – the Orange flower, Greek Sage,  Frankincense, Rose Geranium and Lavender Angustifolia.  These gentle and delightful aromatic waters have therapeutic properties and are considerably safer than the concentrated essential oil that comes from the same process. As water is essential to the human body, hydrosols (hydro-water, sol – solution) are well recognized by the body.  These aromatic waters can also be found as a delicious flavoring in deserts, complimenting their simultaneous therapeutic value.  Taste, smell, and experience food and drinks from these lovely waters and blend some to take home with you!

Instructor: Patricia Ann Star
Class Fee per Session: $65 (Members $50) each
Materials fee per session: $5 (pay instructor)

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