Mind-Mapping to Whimsey Workshop with Olivia Braida

March 27 2020 · 10:00am  – 5:00pm



Join us in this one-day workshop designed to demonstrate a creative process.
We begin with a slide presentation connecting the Renaissance style of art to whimsy.   This introduction will lead students to a Mind-mapping experience that will unleash creative ideas stored within your brain. Students will receive a host of inspirational tools, especially a set of OM-Ology Cards that contain eleven sets of “ologies” with  their respective symbolic meanings on the back of each card. Together with allegoryand symbols, students will develop their personal mind-map to create their story. This creative exercise can be used for fine art compositions and written expressions.
Open to all levels. Instructor will supply all materials for a fee.

Instructor: Olivia Braida-Chiusano
Class Fee: $160 (Members $135)
Materials Fee: $35 (pay instructor)

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