Orchid Adventures and Discoveries In the Land of the Thunder Dragon

with Stig Dalström

October 16 2019 · 12:00pm  – 1:00pm


The government of Bhutan, through the National Biodiversity Centre, invited Stig Dalström in 2006 to visit Bhutan and see if it would be feasible to develop some kind of orchid conservation and research programs. This task proved both challenging and rewarding with many unexpected adventures. Bhutan is a small Kingdom in the Himalayas covered by high snow-capped mountains, roaring rivers and rather poorly explored original forests where tigers and snow leopards, together with elephants, black-necked cranes and many other rare and endangered animals still find a sanctuary. Many orchids  that were new for the country have been discovered since 2006, and also some that were, and some that still are, new to science.


Considered “An alien with extraordinary ability” by the US Immigration Office (1997), and a US citizen as of January 2007, Stig Dalström has degrees in civil engineering and horticulture, is a self-taught watercolor artist, botanical illustrator and experienced orchid taxonomist.

Born and raised in Sweden, he now resides in Sarasota. Today officially retired, he focuses on studying the orchid flora of the Himalayas in general and of Bhutan in particular, where he assists the government in developing orchid research and conservation programs.He also specializes in the complex taxonomy (identification and naming of new species) of certain orchid genera in the Andean region of South America.

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