The Orchid Show 2019

Blossoms of Asia

October 12 2019 to December 1 2019 · 10:00am  – 5:00pm

Blossoms of Asia combines a dazzling display of living orchids in the Tropical Conservatory with an elegant exhibition of orchid treasures from Selby Gardens’ bibliographic and preserved collections in the Museum of Botany and the Arts. The magnificent orchids in the Tropical Conservatory will include Asian specimens from Selby’s living plant collection. The display will reference traditional Japanese garden design and horticultural practices, including ikebana (the art of flower arrangement) and bonsai (the creation of miniaturized trees), in order to evoke a sense of Asia in the heart of Sarasota.

In collaboration with The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens





NOVEMBER 6: ORCHID EVENING: Sarasota Cuban Ballet School



OCTOBER 16 BOTANICAL BRIEFING: Orchid Adventures and Discoveries In the Land of the Thunder Dragon

NOVEMBER 13 KEYNOTE LECTURE: Asian Inspired: The Roots of The Orchid Show 2019

DECEMBER 18 BOTANICAL BRIEFING: Idealism and Ideology: Orchids in East Asian Ink Painting



OCTOBER 1: Japanese Flower Arranging

OCTOBER 4: Asian Brush Painting

OCTOBER 30: Potting and Mounting Orchids

NOVEMBER 6: Gyotaku Fish Printing

NOVEMBER 13: Kokedamo: A Different Bonsai

NOVEMBER 14: Zen Watercolor Workshop, Session I

NOVEMBER 15: Zen Watercolor Workshop, Session II

NOVEMBER 16: Zen Watercolor Workshop, Session III

NOVEMBER 22: Writing About Nature-A Meditative Practice

DECEMBER 4: Shibori with Indigo Dye

DECEMBER 30: Orchid Impressions in Watercolor


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This event is running from 12 October 2019 until 1 December 2019. It is next occurring on October 22, 2019 10:00 am

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