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Rainforest Masks

Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica 

January 9 to 31, 2021

Check back for information on the 2022 Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica exhibit and sale.

Borucan Mask Makers Carving

The Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica exhibit showcases artists from the Borucan Indian tribe of Costa Rica. Join us and experience the vibrant, hand-carved and painted balsa wood masks showcased in the Museum of Botany & the Arts. 

Immerse yourself in a vibrant display of hand carved and painted masks of the rainforest made by the talented master carvers and painters of Bouca, Costa Rica. In this 18th consecutive annual exhibit at Selby Gardens, hundreds of rainforest masks showcase passion and artistry in a display like no other.

For the “Brunka” people, as Borucans call themselves, the art of mask-making is a way of life intricately linked to their communal identity and history.

Creating a rainforest mask is an act of love for their culture and the natural world. First, a design is sketched onto a prepared balsa log, then carved and finally painted with vibrant colors and patterns. Then the painter brushes in the colors.  Many Borucan masks are the fruit of a collaborative artistic exchange that requires talent while encouraging creativity between artists to flow.

Please note: Credit or debit cards are the only acceptable forms of payment for the Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica exhibit and sale.


Robert E. Boring


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