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Botanical Spotlight: Black Mangrove

Found in coastal mangrove forests of the American tropics and subtropics and western tropical Africa, the Black Mangrove is known for protecting the coastline from erosion and providing habitat for a variety of sea life and shorebirds. Nicknamed black mangrove because...

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EcoFlora: Milkweed Fun Facts

Aquatic milkweed (Asclepias perennis) by Wade Collier Milkweeds are named for their milky latex, which is found in their stems, leaves, and pods and make them unpalatable to many animals. Milkweeds produce high quality nectar and depend on a variety of insects (bees,...

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Historical Spotlight: Packed with History

If you’ve ever received a box of elegantly wrapped citrus as a gift, you can thank the Webb Family for helping to inspire that pretty-meets-practical packaging. This pioneer family, who lived at the site of Selby Gardens’ Historic Spanish Point campus in the 19th...

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