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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Community Foundation of Sarasota County expand partnership through three-year, $200,000 initiative connecting garden experiences and science-based career paths

The partnership expands Family Togetherness programming to Selby Gardens’ Historic Spanish Point campus and will establish a curriculum for plant science and environmental sustainability to encourage local students to pursue careers in natural sciences. SARASOTA, FL –...

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Botanical Spotlight: The Autumn Pixie

You will find Guarianthe bowringiana in its native Central America, from southern Mexico to Honduras. One of the plant’s signature characteristics is its  remarkable adaptability. Guarianthe bowringiana typically flourishes in several types of environments—as...

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Glassworts for Glassmaking

Glassworts received their common name in 16th Century England to describe plants that yield an important ingredient for glass and soap making. The original English glasswort plants belong to the genus Salicornia; however, the term was quickly extended to include a...

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