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Archaeology and Artifact Scatter

When archaeologists are conducting a surface survey of an area they may discover artifacts on the surface, the location of these artifacts are recorded and are indicators of the use and human presence of that site. The artifacts that occur on the surface may be...

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Botanical Spotlight: Holiday Ingredients

As we prepare our favorite holiday cookies and baked goods, you may be wondering where these popular ingredients originate from. Well, on your next visit to Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus, you will not have to look extremely far, as many of the common holiday...

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Botanical Spotlight: Holly

This week, we continue our investigation of plants that have become culturally important during the winter holiday season. Previously, we looked at mistletoe and its significance both to humans and to the natural environment in which it is found. In this post, we will...

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Archaeology Spotlight: Lightning Whelks

Lightning Whelks may be found along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast ranging from Texas to North Carolina. They are unique in that they are left-handed, or sinistral, meaning they spiral counterclockwise. For early coastal inhabitants, the Lightning Whelk provided an...

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