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The World Comes to Selby Gardens

  Attendees of the 2022 World Bromeliad Conference got a bonus with this June’s event: access to one of the best scientifically documented collections of bromeliads in the world, right here at Selby Gardens! The biannual show, put on by the Bromeliad Society...

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Join the 2022 City Nature Challenge!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Sarasota-Manatee EcoFlora Project is seeking partners and participants for this year's City Nature Challenge.   The City Nature Challenge is an international effort to get people outside to document their local biodiversity. Over the...

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Botanical Spotlight: Cherries – February

Written by Shawn McCourt, Ph.D., Plant Records KeeperFigure 1. Blooming flatwoods plum (P. umbellata) draped in Spanish moss on the perimeter of MSBG’s downtown campus (Photo by Sandra Robinson)Figure 2. Chickasaw plum (P. angustifolia) in bloom along Mound Ave. at...

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Botanical Spotlight: Pink Trumpet Tree – February

Flowers of the pink trumpet tree at Selby Gardens' Downtown Sarasota campus (Photo by Bruce K. Holst)Written by Shawn McCourt, Ph.D., Plant Records Keeper Just beside the path south of the Children’s Rainforest Garden at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ downtown campus...

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Botanical Spotlight: Aloe marlothii – February

Photo by Dave VitoloPhoto by Dave VitoloAloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe) is a beautiful succulent that displays grayish-green leaves all year long. During the winter months, it is in full bloom and at the downtown campus of Selby Gardens, visitors can find this...

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Botanical Spotlight: Cattleya percivaliana – January

Cattleya percivaliana blooming in Wedding Oak at downtown campus (Photo by Aaron Fink) Blooming now in the “Wedding Oak” just west of the Payne Mansion at Selby’s downtown campus is a beautiful lavender-colored orchid with large flowers that is often underlooked by...

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