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Intern from Brazil Visits Selby Gardens


Selby Gardens welcomes our new Brazilian Intern, Carla Royer, who arrived last week and will be here until October 2 .

Carla is one of Selby Garden’s Curator of the Orchid Research Center, Antonio Toscano de Brito, Ph.D.’s former MSc students and is now a PhD candidate in Brazil. She is based at Universidade Federal do Paraná, located in Curitiba, where she carries out most of her research under his co-supervision. She is studying a number of strange and enigmatic, dwarf orchids known as the “Bird’s Head Orchids,” a group of Neotropical epiphytes with many Brazilian endemics.

During her visit to Selby Gardens, Carla will be working using the herbarium, spirit and living collections, and will be finishing up a number of articles for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Carla will give a presentation about her work at Selby Gardens later during her stay, date to be announced.

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