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More than 45 years ago…

Marie Selby left her property in our care to preserve an oasis of green space in the midst of downtown Sarasota. Her executors created the world’s only botanical research garden specializing in epiphytes, or air plants such as orchids and bromeliads.

Since then, Selby Gardens has become a leading botanical garden in the United States that is internationally recognized. Through research and education, we are committed to plant conservation and ensuring everyone we reach understands that plants are essential to all life on earth.

While our work has progressed, our 15-acre bayfront property found itself still in need of the infrastructure a public botanical garden requires, especially considering future sea level rise to protect our collections. As Selby Gardens moves into the future, we envision an improved master site plan that connects our more than 200,000 visitors each year with the important work conducted by our professional staff. These improvements move our scientific and living collections out of flood zones and into secure structures using the latest green building technology. We are proud that this plan upholds our past and also ensures Selby Gardens’ future, which has significant scientific importance.

This thought-out plan also allows us to expand on Marie’s original gift to the community at the highest level.

Learn more about the Master Site Plan.

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 Selby Gardens’ Strategic Plan

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is a living museum that brings global, living treasures to the public for study, conservation and enjoyment of the natural world.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has an extensive 40-year history of serving as a world-class botanical institution and jewel in Sarasota’s crown.

Our strategic plan focuses the Gardens’ resources on bolstering its position as the world leader in epiphytic plants while building upon the unique assets and bayfront location it possesses. We plan to attain international visibility for our programs, especially the global contributions we make to the field of plant research.

In addition, visitors will delight in a major exhibition program featuring groundbreaking, interdisciplinary fine art and horticultural displays. An enhanced visitor engagement model is expected to drive attendance and increase affinity. Our exclusive caterer partnership will enhance dining and event options for guests.

All of our earned revenue priorities will help to support future capital improvements in our physical infrastructure and to preserve and expand our collections.

A description of the strategic priorities which support Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ vision and the the associated financial impact are available in the documents accompanying this page. With the resources identified, we will strive toward realizing our vision, while upholding our core values.

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