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What’s Blooming at Selby Gardens

In summer there are exciting new blooms throughout Selby Gardens. Take inspiration from our own horticulturists this summer, and add a little extra splash of color to your own garden.

Stop and take a closer look at these plants that are blooming in August at Selby Gardens:



Hamelia patens, Firebush: This shrub is a big bloomer between July and September.  It is an evergreen shrub, which means it looks great year-round. True to its common name, the small gathering of tubular flowers, among the shrub’s green leaves, looks similar to a gathering of small fire crackers exploding on the Fourth of July. This is a perfect plant to attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds to your Garden!




Galphimia speciosa, Thryallis: When you think of summer, bright cheerful yellow flowers come to mind, and Thryallis takes that to a whole new level! This shrub bursts with tiny yellow flowers nestled into its lush green foliage. The flowers’ bright red stamen and brown stems make the color even more dynamic. The shrub starts flowering at the beginning of July, but is at its peak bloom August 1 through early winter.




Clerodendrum paniculatum, Pagoda Flower: With its zen-like symmetry, this flower is a favorite among butterflies.  With so many small florets, several pollinators can nectar on this plant all at one time! This flower is surprisingly in the mint family, and is a perfect plant for your summer garden.




Caladium bicolor, Caladium or Angel Wings: This showy plant is known for its colorful leaves and their “angelic” shape. They are members of the Arum family and come in various shades of green with pink, red, white, or a combination of all three on the leaves. This plant gives off a tropical vibe, making it a great addition to your summer planters.


A Selby Gardens’ summer of afternoon rain and sunshine leads to an array of blooms around the Garden. From flowering shrubs to orchids, new and exciting plants will bloom each day at Selby Gardens this August, so keep on the lookout for new blooms around the Gardens this month!

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