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The Orchid Show 2023: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

On view October 7 – November 26

Downtown Sarasota campus

Tropical Conservatory and The Museum of Botany & the Arts

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Since its establishment in 1973, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has formed the largest scientifically documented collection of living orchids in the world. The Orchid Show 2023 will celebrate Selby Gardens’ 50th anniversary and highlight spectacular orchids from the living collection for which it is known across the globe.

As in previous years, The Orchid Show 2023 will consist of a horticultural display in the Tropical Conservatory and an exhibition in the Museum of Botany & the Arts. The horticultural display will abound with orchids of various shapes, colors, and patterns, illustrating the beauty and diversity of one of the largest families of flowering plants. The exhibition will consist of images and artifacts illustrating the history of Selby Gardens, with particular emphasis on the remarkable people and plants that make it such a special place.


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