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Faces of Selby Garden Horticulture Team

Since Covid 19 shut down Selby gardens on March 17 you can rest assured that the Horticulture staff are still on site, hard at work caring for both our gardens and greenhouse collections. 

The Gardens staff have been busy with spring pruning, planting of seasonal annuals and maintaining the outside Dali exhibits in preparation for the eventual reopening of Selby Gardens.

The Greenhouse staff have also been busy with the never ending task of watering, repotting and fertilizing of glass house collections.  They too have been maintaining the Conservatory Dali display in anticipation of the Gardens reopening. Both horticulture teams  want to make sure everything is picture perfect for when our visitors return.

Top Row: Addie, Treyvon, Corinn
Second Row: Nathan, Ray, and Angel
Third Row: Amanda, Christopher, Kaylynn and Nick