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Hurricane Ian Update: A Message from President & CEO Jennifer Rominiecki

Dear Selby Gardens Members, Volunteers, and Friends:

As we all continue with recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian, it is our sincerest hope that you and your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way. This is a difficult time for our region, and our thoughts are with everyone affected. Above all else, I’m so glad to report that all of our staff members are safe.


Many continue to ask how both campuses of our beloved Selby Gardens fared during the storm, so I want to reiterate our current findings and reopening status.

First, I am thrilled to report that—thanks to the phenomenal efforts of our loyal volunteers and dedicated staff—the Downtown Sarasota campus reopened to the public last Sunday, October 2! Of course, there were a number of trees and branches down that we had to clear, along with a lot of debris to remove. However, we’re happy to report that many of the iconic trees so many of us love all held up nicely, including the Moreton Bay Fig, Banyans, Bo Tree, and Wedding Oak.

Our research collections are all unscathed. Unfortunately, we did lose about 40 panes of glass in our greenhouse complex. One of our behind-the-scenes greenhouses sustained significant damage and will need to be taken down. The good news is that—other than a minor leak in the Selby House—our historic buildings are in good shape. And, the new construction underway for our Master Plan is unharmed.

Also, I am so pleased to tell you that the Historic Spanish Point campus will reopen to the public this Sunday, October 9! Once again, this is only possible due to the tireless efforts of our fantastic volunteers and loyal staff. Unfortunately, the tree damage at this site was significant. We lost numerous major trees — many of which fell blocking the access paths to the campus — and we are nearing completion of clearing them, along with hundreds of down branches and many piles of debris. Regarding our historic structures on the site, the pergola will need to be repaired, and we have some minor fixes to make to the White Cottage and Guptill House.

Overall, we feel extremely lucky and grateful that the damage sustained to both of our campuses is not worse.


If it is safe for you to join us and you would like to volunteer in our continued clean-up efforts, please contact us here. All help (and rakes) will be welcome.

In addition, many have asked about making a contribution toward our recovery efforts. If you wish, you may do so here.

Thank you for your concern for Selby Gardens.

With heartfelt regards,



Jennifer O. Rominiecki
President & CEO