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“O Bromeliad Tree, O Bromeliad Tree…”

Bromeliad TreeEach year the rising of the Bromeliad Tree at Selby Gardens marks the start of the holidays in Sarasota. The pattern of the lights and the plants used changes year-to-year, but always present is the excitement the tree brings to the Sarasota Bayfront. Here are a few details about the construction of the 2015 Bromeliad Tree:

  • Neoregelia plants make up the tree. The different types include the ‘Donger’, ‘Petra’, ‘Malbec’ and ‘Royal Burgundy’.
  • The diameter of the star (a new one this year) is 30 inches.
  • The tree takes about 20 hours over three days to build in total.
  • The tree measures about 25 feet in height, when complete, including frame, plants and the tip of the star.
  • About 2,500 lights adorn the tree.



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TIME LAPSE VIDEO from The Sarasota Observer


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