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The “Queen” is Coming – Selenicereus Blooming May 31

blankUPDATE: Our Selenicereus the spectacular night-blooming cactus, appears ready to bloom tonight, May 31! Join us from 8 to 11 p.m. in front of the Botany Building on Palm Avenue* to witness this annual blooming. The event will take place rain or (moon)shine

Things to Bring:

  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Lawn Chair (a limited number of chairs available)
  • Flashlight

Food, drink and spirits will be available for purchase.

*The formal Gardens grounds will be closed, but the bloom event takes place on Palm Avenue.


Once again, our “Queen of the Night” (Selenicereus) is showing all the signs of its impending night bloom…the single night of the year when it puts on a fantastic nocturnal display.

Right now we can only guess the actual date, but once it looks certain we will host a FREE viewing party on Palm Avenue, complete with food and drink available for purchase! STAY TUNED!

Selenicereus is an epiphytic, lithophytic and terrestrial cactus genus found in Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. The generic name is derived from Selene, the Greek moon goddess, and cereus, meaning “candle” in Latin. On a single night each year, as twilight moves to night, spectacular blossoms open up all along the length of the plant for a few brief hours. Then, as dawn creeps in ont he horizon, the petals close up, the show and, and maybe another year will pass before the next performance.

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